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Steps & Landings

Steps and Landing Being specific and measurement-wise is what most landscapers, engineers and contractors are all about. Everything must be done with accuracy and precision just like in designing steps and landings. When constructing a stairway for example, a list of important stair measurements is to be considered. These are the rise height, tread depth, going, the number of steps, total run or total going, total rise, slope or pitch, headroom, and the walk line.

You may not have any idea about these things so putting it in the hands of a skilled person is the best option. Don't buckle under the weight of it all especially if you're a busy person, you might end up losing your nerve.

Important Considerations in Building Steps and Landing

If you're planning to build interior stairs and landings, focus on the main objective: Aim for a work that's made for safer, longer use. Steps and landings are normally built in a simple way, so try to keep an eye on the sensitive areas. Is it made for all kinds of weather? Is it resistant to all kinds of forces like the heavy tramping of the feet? Can it say no to termites and other hazardous insects? These and other factors may take a turn for a worse if not given strict attention.

If you're already in the planning stage, you may begin with the initial step which is the drawing of the staircase. In steps and landings, it is important to know the staircase width and height, with the connection from above to the bottom in mind. The thickness of the stairs and the positioning of the landing must also be accounted for. It may be your plan to invest a high sum of money on this, so as to take into action the luxury of peace and security. With this, you could detect in advance possible future problems even before the project starts.

Let the Professionals Handle the Task

Let the Professionals Handle the Task For a complete service package that deals with concrete installation, design and maintenance you've always wanted, you can leave it to those in the creative field of masonry works.

When there are so many landscaping-friendly companies that exist nowadays, it's hard to choose which one will bring out the best crafted concrete steps and landings. Reliable companies know what they need like the details of your house, garden, or whatever it is that needs to be constructed.

Reliable Designs of Steps and Landings

It is wise not to rush, thus making the mistake of putting the task in the wrong hands. We, at Masonry Solutions, provide reliable designs and installations of concrete steps and landings. Put your worries at bay and be with us now. Striving for excellence and only the best intentions, we want our customers to feel at ease and comfortable as we do our commitment to them.

Call Masonry Solutions, LLC today and talk to one of our experts in constructing concrete stairways. Learn how our latest and advanced solutions can help achieve safer and better-designed steps and landings for your stairways.
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